Monday, April 27, 2009

Abel Tasman Day 5

As I mentioned already, we didn't make it very far from Mutton Cove campsite on this day.

There didn't really seem to be much point!

I did make it a few hundred meters up the path, which gave me a good view down on to the campsite and cove.

After a good while of peaceful reading on the beach (and occasional itching of sandfly bites), the campsite became surprisingly busy, with a kayak company tour, two pairs of independent kayakers and some other backpackers arriving.

One of the arrivals brought a frisbee with him, which gave me the chance to play with the "sport mode" on my new camera.

We stayed up a bit later sitting around the fire -- maybe it even got to 10pm! But then it was off to bed, with an eye to the gathering clouds above. It seemed like we had timed the weather better than we could have possibly arranged for...

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